Trailer Hitch Installation in Daytona Beach, FL

Why You Need a Trailer Hitch in Daytona Beach, FL

If you go camping, jet skiing, or boating in the Daytona Beach, FL area, or you need to haul trailers at work, you need to have a trailer hitch. Just hooking a chain to your truck bumper works for pulling a tree stump out, but that kind of set-up is not adequate for the weight of recreational gear or other heavy equipment. That is why automotive engineers developed the trailer hitch - and it is the accessory you need for hauling this kind of recreational equipment.

Draw-Tite trailer hitch in Daytona Beach, FL

There are two kinds of trailer hitches. One is called a receiver and the other is called a fixed drawbar. The receiver type trailer hitch is attached onto the frame of your vehicle where it attaches to a ball mount. Fixed drawbar type trailer hitches are made of a single piece with a hole in it which attaches to the trailer ball. They are not usually compatible with other trailer hitch accessories installed later.

Some kinds of trailer hitch, like the types sold by Tow Hitch City in Daytona Beach, FL, are mounted under the bumper where they fit seamlessly onto the removable drawbar. These kinds of trailer hitches have a discreet look. They are capable of towing anything from an Airstream to a horse trailer. Tow Hitch City, located in Daytona Beach, FL installs these kinds of low-profile trailer hitches. Nobody will even notice it, until it is attached to whatever you are hauling.

There are five different kinds of tow hitch style trailer hitches available in the US. They are numbered class 1 through 5. Type 1 and 2 class are designed for light loads up to 3,500 lbs, and classes 3 to 5 are designed for loads as high as 10,000 lbs. These are the ones you need for hauling boats, campers, and other heavy equipment. The weight of this kind of gear can require the additional use of a trailer hitch lock. A trailer hitch lock keeps thieves from being able to unhitch your fifth wheel or trailer and gives you an added level of security for your load by stopping a runaway trailer.

Tow Hitch City of Daytona Beach, FL can make a custom trailer hitch to match your model and year. This gives you the perfect match for your frame and the extra reliability for hauling any kind of equipment. Heavy duty trailer hitch accessories are built with the aid of a computer using a fatigue stress model to ensure the required strength. They are custom welded and then coated with black powder for the ultimate in rust, oxidation, and corrosion resistance.

Hitches for Fifth Wheel Trailers in Daytona Beach, FL

A fifth wheel trailer hitch is used for hauling the kind of trailer that has a protruding front which sticks out over the bed of the truck. Trailer Hitches for fifth wheel trailers are the strongest available and they can haul loads as heavy as 30,000 lbs. Fifth wheel trailer hitches do not attach onto the back of the vehicle like other kinds of trailer hitches, but fifth wheels use a similar ball for securing the trailer and hitch.

A trailer hitch made for a fifth wheel is installed at the mid-point in the bed of the truck. Tow Hitch City in Daytona Beach, FL also installs trailer hitches for fifth wheel trailers. These trailer hitches are made for hauling various kinds of cargo trailers with irregular shapes, like fifth wheel trailers which stick out at the front. Horse trailers also often require a fifth wheel trailer hitch. This design gives you a smaller turning radius, letting you make a tighter turn, because the trailer is attached to the truck at the middle of the bed and not at the bumper.

Installing a trailer hitch for a fifth wheel often requires removal of the truck bed and installation of additional framing under the truck to accommodate the weight. A hole is drilled through the bed and the ball hitch fits into this, then the bed is reinstalled. The ball has to be set above the bed, so you have room for fastening the trailer onto it. Some models have a ball that can be folded down into the bed when not in use.

Fifth wheel trailer hitches are also installed by Tow Hitch City in Daytona Beach, FL. Fifth wheels are not easy to install, but Tow Hitch City in Daytona Beach, FL has the experience and equipment to install a fifth wheel correctly.

Fifth wheel in Daytona Beach, FL